What some of my clients have had to say about my treatments!

“What sets Uncle Brian  Wellness apart from other reiki/bodywork professionals is that he truly cares about tailoring his sessions to meet the needs of each client. I’ve had multiple sessions with him, and each time he tweaks the session to perfectly fit my needs for that time. Brian ensures that clients feel comfortable – both physically and emotionally – before, during, and after work together. 

Before working with Brian, I was a skeptic about the validity of reiki. However, after just one combination bodywork/reiki session, I was changed for life! Every time, I truly leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and even enlightened. I can’t recommend his services highly enough.” – Caroline Turner

“I have been using massage as a restorative tool for years, and Brian’s mix of bodywork techniques, yoga, and reiki, was by far the most complete mind/body experience. His use of passive stretching and active energy flow worked so well on getting my muscle fatigue and overuse in check, and had me on the mend in one session!“ Mathew Schwartz – Senior Director, Barry’s

“The many techniques Brian implements into his sessions makes for a uniquely curated therapeutic experience with the most wonderful effects. After our first session I felt immediate relief from long-enduring troubles, true relaxation, and afterglow that continued for days. Cannot wait for our next session!” – Diana Degarmo

“After just one session, my body has finally began to let go of chronic pain in my shoulders and lower back that I have lived with for years.  Thanks to Brian, I now see the possibility of a pain free world.” Ace Young


“Brian came to the hospital when my daughter underwent her third open heart surgery at the age of 3. He performed both distance reiki while she was in the operating room and five hours of constant, hands-on reiki in her recovery room. Not only were the doctors and nurses impressed with her stability in the operating room, they couldn’t believe her lack of complications after heart reconstruction. She was balanced, stable, and in high spirits throughout her short hospitalization. She got out of bed and walked 24 hours after open heart surgery and was discharged in record time – 6 days later!  I cannot recommend Brian’s healing hands enough; without him Zoe would not have recovered as well.”- Stacey Lihn – Mother of child with HLHS

“I have always been a believer in energy work and have seen a number of healers in NYC, California and across the country. Two years ago when I went through a major surgery I reached out to Brian for help to deal with the trauma of the procedure. It was my fifth surgery in 6 years and I was shaken to take what felt like a huge step backwards. Brian traveled to my hospital room and worked on me for almost and hour and 20 minutes. The experience was nothing short of magical. The stress, worry and feelings of anxiety quickly vanished form my mind. I suddenly accepted the process and understood how the surgery was necessary. The color returned to my face and for the next hour every visitor who entered commented on how I was glowing. I firmly believe in the power of higher healing and Brian’s skilled technique facilitated the energy into a much-needed wounded heart. Without his help, I believe my recovery process would have been much harder. Please try to swallow your feelings of skepticism and try a session with this Reiki master…you will not be sorry.” –Freddie Kimmel– Personal trainer, Health Coach, Reiki practitioner, Owner Operator FreddieSetgo.com

“Brian is a present and intuitive healer. His ability to listen to my body and hold space for my experience, helped to heal me on a deep and balancing way.”- Rian Bodner –Rian Bodner Yoga

“Brian is a healer! After a traumatic car accident and break up all happened the same week, we worked on my injuries, both physical and emotional. He puts you at ease with his kindness and humor. After a session, I would always walk away lighter – less stuck in the emotions surrounding my life situation. I have recommended him to friends and look forward to more sessions.” – Kaitlyn Davidson

“Each session with Brian unlocked emotional energies I didn’t know were locked. He is truly a gifted healer and I trust him implicitly.” – Will Reynolds


“Brian’s yoga sessions have always been among my favorites. He allows you to move intuitively with your breath, feel flexible in the familiar poses, and explore moving to your edge in a challenging yet stable way. He works well with all yogi levels and body types, and encourages a feeling of light-hearted play as you move through his creative and ever-changing sequences. You leave his sessions feeling rejuvenated and energized, yet calm and chilled out, with a greater body awareness and sense of freedom.” – Jessy Tomsko

“Brian is a beautiful soul and that shines bright in his yoga teaching. He is encouraging and devoted, always providing accessible movement and guidance in a way that lets me feel comfortable and supported in my body and ability. He brings lightness and joy to movement and meditation, and I always feel renewed after class.” – Mara Thompson Smith  


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